I Wood Technology

What is I-Wood?

I-Wood technology uses pre-cut, profiled lumber that fits together like Lego™ blocks.

The component parts are packaged in kits. The kit homes or relief shelters can be assembled by unskilled people with just an electric screw-driver, or an old-time brace and bit where power is unavailable.

IWI 3 shapes IWI roof detail

I-Wood advantages

  • I-Wood lumber locks together  to form strong, easily-assembled homes
  • Do-it-yourself kits inspired by the IKEA™ flat pack concept
  • Fast assembly – a 100 square-foot frame and roof can go up in a matter of hours
  • Minimal tools and no construction experience required
  • Pre-cut and drilled with high accuracy
  • No guesswork – every component is labelled for easy assembly
  • Assembly manual provided with step-by-step illustrations
  • I-Wood has higher strength-to-weight ratio
  • Profiling offers aesthetically pleasing qualities
  • I-Wood frames provide better insulation
  • I-Wood lumber requires less chemical treatment
  • The components can be pre-treated for resistance to moisture, mold and fire
  • Little or no job site waste
  • Easy to handle: delivered in flat-packs
  • Suitable for assembly on concrete, rammed earth or wood platforms

IWI Tecate roof 280 IWI mobile

IWI blue house 280 IWI top shot

I-Wood Inside

This innovative approach makes it possible for non-tradespeople to assemble tiny homes, sheds, shelters, cabins, workshops, utility buildings, greenhouses and portable structures.

I-Home housing kits and I-RAD (Rapid Assembly Dwelling) are offered in a range of sizes that are readily expandable or moved as circumstances require. They provide superior protection against inclement weather and a safe secure structure in which a family can sleep, eat and begin to rebuild their lives with dignity.

Environmental benefits

The profiling process also generates more valuable bi-product in the form of wood chips suitable for particle board, pulp or wood pellet production. By utilizing profile lumber technology, sawmills can realize up to 30% greater value from high volume operations .

  • higher yield than traditional lumber by using smaller diameter trees
  • provides significant environmental benefits over concrete and traditional lumber
  • offers sawmills an opportunity for higher value-add exports