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Easy-to-assemble DIY Kits

I-Wood International has designed an affordable range of emergency shelters, transitional houses and permanent homes using unique I- WOOD frame construction technology.

I-Home Series

All I-Home Kits are suitable for customization. I-WOOD framing can be fitted with alternative roofing, siding, electrical, plumbing etc. according to specific needs.

  • 4”x4” pressure treated foundation plates
  • one door and four windows
  • 1/2” OSB siding suitable for paint or stucco
  • clear span cathedral-style ceiling
  • 1/2” OSB roof sheathing
  • 2 electric and 2 light fittings
  • one sewage and waste water outlets
  • loft kit available
  • can be specified for either hot or cold climate use
  • optional partition walls to form 3 rooms
  • modular design allows custom footprint sizes in increments of 4 ft
  • modularity allows extra rooms to be added later: kitchen, latrine, extra bedroom, garage, workshop etc.
  • a low cost self-assembly housing unit
  • suitable to build on any hard flat surface
  • kit includes frame, outer walls, roof, door, windows, tools and assembly manual
  • design is inspired by the IKEA™ self-assembly model
  • made from ready to assemble pre-cut components
  • kits shipped and supplied in easy to handle flat packs allowing for volume shipping
  • volunteer friendly assembly requires no previous construction skills and few tools
  • generates little waste and requires minimal site clean-up after assembly
  • wood framing is compatible with traditional wall finishing materials and techniques
  • optional rainwater capture, solar power and I WOOD furniture kits coming soon


I-Rad Homes

I-RAD Rapid Assembly Dwellings™ and I-Home™ housing kits are offered in a range of sizes and are readily expandable and/or re-locatable as circumstances require.

  • 4”x4” pressure treated foundation plates included
  • optional 3/4” OSB flooring
  • one door and two window frames
  • 1/2” OSB siding suitable for paint or stucco
  • 8′ ridge construction with clear span cathedral-style ceiling
  • 1/2” OSB roof sheathing
  • all screws, tools and hardware provided 
  • Ideal for natural disaster response or establishing a refugee camp
  • flat pack design optimized for stock-piling and shipping (40 units fit in one 40 ft container)
  • simple and quick to construct in the immediate aftermath of a disaster
  • can be dismantled, moved and re-assembled once longer term recovery plan is established

An optional wood treatment, recommended for tropical climates, ensures the units are termite proof, mold proof and fire resistant. Each flat-pack self-assembly kit is made from simple milled lumber, and is easy to move, expand or repair. They can be augmented with electricity, water and waste utilities as needed. Each kit is self-contained with all parts, tools and instructions included. Packs are compact and easy to transport. All parts are portable without need of heavy lifting equipment.